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Bolata is a reserve which includes marine area, lawns and a beach.
It is located near by Kaliakra cape and its beach is the only sandy beach in the region. The water is incredibly clean and there are interesting, almost red in color, rocks around.

Bolata is the only reserve in Bulgaria, including an aquatory, sea area. Kingfishers, bittern, herons, grebes and ducks can be seen here. Via Pontica passes through this area – one of the main routes for migratory birds.

In the caves of Bolata there are remains of an ancient settlement and there is evidence of life from 400 BC, as well as a Maltese cross – evidence of the trade of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom with Venice and Genova.

The steep trail to the north goes all the way up to the top of the rock wall, where magnificent views to the entire gorge open out. You can see the whole Cape Kaliakra only from this spot. If you continue north along the high steep coast you can reach the famous countryside Taukliman and the resort “Rusalka”.

In this case you pass through a hunting area with deer and moufflon. The picturesque gorge Enikulak is in this area, as well as the only place through which you can go down to the sea. It passes through a short passage cave. The colors of the rocks in this area are amazing.


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