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Balchishkata Tuzla is located in a beautiful area 5 km from Balchik, on the beach, near one very beautiful and almost deserted beach with beautiful piles of stones. Due to its status as a state rehabilitation clinic, it was saved from the insane development that captured most of the coast.

In the immediate vicinity of the hospital, Tuzla itself is an artificial lake of artificial origin. The water in the lake is very salty – much saline marine and similar in composition to the water in the Dead Sea (Israel). The mud formed on the bottom, with a unique composition – the biological components of dead microorganisms and plants and the mineral component, a combination of sea salt and mineral salts from the source. Dirt has proven healing properties and there for many years treat joint diseases, skin and gynecological diseases. Of the cranes and showers of the hospital, real mineral water flows – it is quite expensive, which few hospitals can afford.

The building of the clinic was built in the middle of the last century. This is a magnificent building, with elements of architecture of the time, located in a cozy seaside park, with long avenues of cypress trees.
During the existence of the hospital there were difficult times. After the collapse of socialism, the building was not in the best condition and required restoration work. In the last few years, thanks to the enthusiasm and efforts of the present director of the clinic, Dr. Kircheva, part of the building has been renovated and now has comfortable 2-bed rooms with all amenities (WC, TV, air conditioning).

In a sanatorium, children suffering from infantile cerebral paralysis also undergo treatment. Installed modern equipment – equipment for phototherapy, eczema, infrared irradiators for the treatment of joint diseases, apparatus for magnetotherapy. It serves to treat children with musculoskeletal problems. In the same way, the hospital acquired a new combined device for restoring the ankle joints and the joints of the hands.

It’s nice to see that someone is not indifferent to the comfort of patients, especially when it comes to the public hospital, and not about personal interest. Dr. Kamelia Kircheva defined the year-round priority for the sanatorium as a priority, not only seasonal reception of patients.

All of the above makes Tuzla in Balchik a unique place for climate therapy, and natural resources provide an opportunity for full-fledged procedures such as:

  • Thalassotherapy is a combination of therapeutic application of all the factors that are formed under the influence of the sea: climate, sea water, algae, limed oozes and seafood. Thalassotherapy has a wide range of sanogenetic effects: from the treatment of chronic diseases to the prevention and restoration of health reserves.
  • Balneotherapy (Latin balneum – bathing, gr. Therapeuein – treatment) is a type of sanatorium-resort treatment, which uses natural mineral waters, gas and therapeutic mud.
  • Peloidtherapy is a wonderful medical method that, if you follow all the necessary rules, has a complex effect on the human body and turns into a powerful weapon against many diseases and cosmetic defects, preserving health, beauty and youth.
  • Aerotherapy – the effect of air on the exposed areas of the body and the airways for therapeutic and preventive purposes.
  • Limanotherapy is a complex of medical procedures that are carried out, including bathing in the estuary, baths from the limescale brine, and the use of limestone muds in the conditions of their natural (solar) heating.

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