Holiday of melon

The annual holiday for the pupsha (pupesh in the bulgarian-melon) will be held in the community of Kavarna, in the traditional place of its holding, in the village of Bolgarevo.

July Morning Party

If you do not go to meet the sunrise in a traditional place, on the beach near the village of Kamen Bryag, then we invite you to meet the sunrise on the beach, in “Royal Beach Kavarna”.

July Morning

Kamen Bryag village is a traditional meeting place for the first rays of the sun, which touch the earth on July 1. The tradition of meeting the first July morning with a concert in the Ogenceto area on the outskirts of the village will be observed this year too.

Holiday of the city of Kavarna

In Kavarna, the city’s holiday is traditionally celebrated on May 6 on the day of the big holiday in Bulgaria “Gergovden”. On this day, the Bulgarian people celebrate St. George the Victorious and the courage of the Bulgarian warriors.