The city of Kavarna is famous not only for its historical and cultural attractions, but also for the special attitude to the education of youth. The local population leaves the impression of an educated and intelligent. The community council has a fund to support gifted children: children who show good results in subjects receive grants for training in EU countries. Currently, three kindergartens, three general secondary schools, two primary schools and two vocational schools operate in the city. Also there is a community children's complex and a private college for tourism. In Kavarna, there is a consultation center for children and youth, a city logopaedic cabinet. Despite the budget deficit, there is not a single closed educational institution in the city, every year funds are allocated for the development of teachers' skills and the organization of children's leisure. In the years 2009-2010. The program "Integration of children and youth into education and society through art and sport" worth 150 thousand euro was realized.

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